Call me Alan Titchmarsh!

So one of the joys of having a toddler is that you get to show them all the new and exciting things the world has to offer right? Like new and exciting foods (when all they really want is cookies) places and exciting ‘creative’ activities (let’s do messy play again, yay!). Well in this household we are choosing to show our little angel the joys of (hopefully) growing our own tasty and delicious vegetables. Now I am not green fingered and am a sort of wing it kind of gal so I’m hopefully optimistic that we will eat at least one item of home-grown veg at least once, I’m sure that’s feasible (fingers crossed!) I’m going to document my progress on here along with other random titbits of my chaotic life and I’d love any tips/feedback on how to keep plants alive or actually just any life advice in general! Our garden has been a bit of a mess up until recently- think grass as long as Marilyn mansons hair, weeds poking through any part of the path possible and potentially dead patches of grass where we have forgotten to correctly rotate the big chunky plastic pieces of toddler ‘equipment’ that we have. Naughty us. Anyhow we recently had motivation to sort it all out, and that motivation was potty training our toddler (more on this delightful process later..) which meant staying in the house all weekend through fear of her weeing her pants wherever we went. We managed to give it a right brucie spruce so now it looks half decent again hooray! Although the grass is still dead, but I’m sure that will resolve itself right? My mum says you can’t kill grass so it must be true. We have created our ‘vegetable garden’ using an array of medium sized plant pots filled with organic soil (only the best for our young plants right) and have strategically placed them in the sunniest spot. Only time will tell if all our hardships have paid off.

This is the state of play in the vegetable garden at the moment-

  • 1 pot of peas with lots of randomly placed sprouts (thanks for your help sprinkling the seeds toddler)
  • 5 pots with seeds in but no sprouts, these are the ‘fingers crossed’ pots
  • A £2 raspberry cane I purchased from a farm shop, I’ll buy almost anything for £2, bargain right?! This seems to be doing well so far with lots of leaves.
  • A pot full of general herbs I planted ages ago which seem to be very slowly growing, although the biggest grower in there looks suspiciously like a massive weed. I’m not 100% confident of that though so haven’t had the courage to pull it out yet. We shall wait and see.
  • Some mint leaves I didn’t grow but have been fond fully looking after

The toddler loves watering (drowning) the plants so at least they won’t go thirsty. I’ve seen plants growing through concrete before against all the odds so surely we have a strong chance?!

So here’s hoping! Wish us luck!



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