The Cake Tasting Club Pledge

Here at Cake HQ we have decided to write a pledge to you!

The Cake Tasting Club Pledge

Both Dom and I love to bake and we look forward to sharing our homemade loveliness with you. We aim to create a community of like minded people who love homemade cakes and treats. If you don’t have the time or skill to bake or would just like a slice of something delicious without the temptation of a whole cake to polish off then this is the club for you.

We bake all of the cakes by hand in the Cake Tasting HQ kitchen which has a five star cleanliness rating. Our cakes are always traditionally handmade as if you had baked them at home.

A little bit of what you fancy does you good!

We always use proper ingredients just like you would use and our eggs are always free range. We include a detailed list of ingredients in each box but those with allergies please note that we do bake with nuts and other allergens in our kitchen. Therefore there is a possibility of contamination even if the ingredient isn’t listed. If you have any questions regarding ingredients (or anything else) then please do get in touch.

The Cake Tasting Club is subscription based. This helps us to reduce waste and ensure that we can get our bakes to you as fresh as possible. This means we can bake exactly what has been ordered and ship it immediately. I can guarantee you nothing is ever wasted!! There’s nothing better than cake offcuts!

Our cakes and other bakes will always be super delicious. Each month the box is a surprise mix of flavours. Please do let us know if you have any ideas for future boxes. You never know, we may pick your bake!

Head baker Dom is a master of flavour. All of her bakes are amazing and she will continue to experiment and push the boundaries to give you something new and exciting to try. Her brownies are legendary so we will always try to feature one type of brownie (or even a blondie) in our classic box. I think there may be complaints if we didn’t!

TCTC draft flyer front-2

We promise that we will not repeat any of our bakes for at least 12 months to give you as much variety as possible.

We hope that you will join our exciting, growing community. Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

Want to know what we’re up to? Well, we’re usually baking (or eating)! Pop over to Facebook or Instagram to say hi and to have a sneaky peak at what’s in the oven!

Vikki xx

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