Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows

DSC_0608DSC_0609Hello cake lovers!

Hope you have all had a lovely couple of weeks filled with sunshine and cakey joy!

Just wanted to give a quick update on my gardening adventures, the £2 raspberry plant has definitely stormed into the lead with us enjoying plentiful bounty (3-4 a day!) of fruits. I have my suspicions that the pesky pigeons have been trying to work out ways to steal the raspberries so I am keeping my beady eye on the lookout. Toddler thoroughly enjoys picking the red ones off and trying to gobble them all before poor mummy gets a look in. Also one day we found a teeny tiny green caterpillar inside one of the raspberries which made for a real event. He was wriggling like a break-dancer on speed all over the table, it was hilarious. What a giddy kipper.

The mint is coming in a close second having millions more leaves and requiring little to no maintenance. We even created a big jug of ‘mojito mocktail’ for toddlers 2nd birthday with the leaves. So well done Mr Mint, gold star goes to you.

Have attempted to thin out the pot of mixed herbs/weeds and I think that we now just have herbs. There’s definitely some rosemary (the best of all the herbs am I right?) and a smattering of other undefinable herbs. This pot needs some love so I’m hoping they will all hang in there.

Now we come to the stragglers. Despite a great start and all but one of the pots sprouting we have hit a nail in the road. There is a predator at loose in the garden, he has terrible tusks and terrible jaws, his eyes are like pools of terrible fire….no it’s not the Gruffalo it’s the big bad snail. They are literally eating everything! The poor plants can barely grow fast enough and have been ravaged!! Considering bringing them indoors at night, but think that may be bordering on madness!? Feel bad about actually hurting the inconvenient slimy critters but I need a solution! I’ve tried putting coffee granules on the soil to no avail. Can anyone out there help?

Signing off in optimism and putting my faith in the CTC community to save my veggies! Help!



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