Did somebody say brownie box?

I don’t know about you but I am OBSESSED with brownies- proper gooey, squidgy, super chocolaty, delicious, heavenly brownies. They are such a versatile beast and can be flavoured with almost any combination, eaten hot, cold, with cream, ice cream, made into cookies, put into ice cream, made into cakes, the list is endless. So this is my short but sweet highlight of the top 5 flexible brownie inspirations to get you dribbling into your cereal. Enjoy.



This is a heavenly combination of cookie and brownie, a brownie cookie if you will. Half delicious chewy cookie, half deeply chocolatey brownie, this one deserves a glass of gold cap and a fancy straw to go with it for sure. Treat it right ❤

American milkshakeCocoa loco milkshake

Brownie milkshakes

What could be better than full fat milk mixed with ice cream and brownies!! Locally to us Cocoa loco do an insane chocolate milkshake with cream and brownie on top ❤ If you’re Horsham based you really need to check it out ASAP. Also check out the picture above- this is an American milkshake trio, if this doesn’t make you hungry I’m pretty sure you’re a robot. Somebody work out how to ship me one of these please!!

Stuffed brownies

Brownies stuffed with things!

Whole chocolate bars, cookies, sweets, mint chocolates whatever you choose brownies stuffed with things inside are just better! Fill your boots with this cheeky picture of brownie stuffed full of Oreos- am I dreaming?!

Brownie pudding

Brownie pudding

Brownies but even gooier! You need the strongest of sweet teeth to get through a healthy portion of this pudding, but I have faith in you, you can do it! Cream takes the edge off, ice cream does the job even better, I recommend a nice dark coffee to go with this challenging dessert.

brownie pie.jpg

Brownie pie

Who doesn’t love pie? Brownie wrapped in an extra layer of delicious carby pastry- sign me up! Whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate make this a dessert for even the fanciest of occasions.

Brownie cupcakes

Brownie cupcakes

Individually portioned delicious delights, these brownie cupcakes are the best of both. Rich chocolaty cupcake, more gooey than a regular cupcake but not as gooey as a brownie these are a perfect mix of cake and brownie. Top with peanut butter frosting for that salty kick.

We also have some exciting news here at Cake tasting HQ that we can’t wait to share with you!  We are currently in the development stages of creating our own monthly brownie box! This will contain three delicious slabs of brownie in three creatively enchanting flavours. Hooray! I hear you scream, but tell me more, what, when how, who?! Well whilst we aren’t officially launching the box just yet we will have a very limited number of boxes available for shipping next month so watch this space for more info!


Lots of love! ❤ xx

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