Come on baby light my fire (with cocoa dusted fiery chilli truffles)

Valentines day is all about one simple little word- chocolate (what else?). Chocolate is the centre of my universe, she is always there for me, gets me through hard times, my soulmate if you will. What better way to celebrate the joy chocolate brings to our lives than by eating lots and lots of it. Thank you chocolate, heres to you!


Here at cake tasting club HQ we have been baking away day and night and have created a delicious chocolatey themed valentines box especially for you and we think, no we KNOW your gonna love it partner.

Heres the tasty lowdown:

-Buttery vanilla bean ‘scrabble’ biscuits hand dipped in glorious white chocolate

-Gooey peanut butter and Nutella chocolatey brownie

-Silky cocoa dusted truffles with a kick of fiery chilli

-Handmade white hot chocolate kit with fluffy veggie marshmallows ❤


All deliciously packed with tissue paper and gorgeous handmade confetti in a letterbox friendly box shipped to your door for Valentines day. Easy peasy (no excuse lads!)

Are you dribbling just thinking about that line up because we are, but maybe that’s just the lack of sleep talking, who knows, coffee please!!

Limited quantity available get the kettle on and get your orders in now cheeky chops!

Keep it cake




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