Cake and tea for meeee ❤️


Hello cheekychops!

Hope you’re all surviving the cold weather! My favourite time is anytime past 7 when the babes are in bed (hopefully!). I can put my snuggly pjs on, cuddle in my mustard blanket (in love with ANYTHING mustard right?) grab a HOT cup of tea all to myself and gobble something chocolate/cake based. Annnd relax… love the babes with all my heart but boy looking after two under 3 is BLOODY HARD sometimes. Need carbs to get me through, give me a holla if you relate!

We’ve been pretty busy these last couple of months with Christmas and kids and life but have finally managed to find time to make some changes to our ‘cake for one‘ box to make it even more FABULOUS than it already was ❤ The new sparkly, glittery amazing cake for one box is chock full of the following:

– A small slice of our cake of the month (always delicious, and always a delightful surprise!)

– A small portion of our chocolate brownie/or biscuit

– A complimentary beautifully paired teabag ❤ different every month to keep things interesting! This is the cake TASTING club after all!


You can order this as a recurring subscription or choose of our gift options. Remember, all gift orders come with a complimentary gift card with handwritten message as standard and with special touches added for birthdays/new baby’s and any other special occasions. Jazzy!

We hope you love the new line up, so far it is proving to be pretty popular hooray! As always please do send us any cheeky snaps (by email, insta or facebook) you have taken of your box we just LOVE seeing you enjoying our freshly homemade delights. It makes us super duper happy to be filling the UK with cakey joy!

Peace out kippers and remember, keep it CAKE!



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