Hand iced biscuits require a steady hand..

Hand iced biscuits do indeed require a steady hand; that and patience, of which I have never been particularly good at; but this month, the month of LOVE, we pushed the boat out and hand-iced you each two beautiful dreamy pastel vanilla bean hearts. I was so in love with the colour I almost couldn’t let them go. But alas this is the business: we bake; we post; you eat and enjoy (hopefully!!) and we are left with mere crumbs (and fingers crossed pre-planned ‘extras’ to gobble :))


Valentines day has come and gone, presumably you were showered with gifts and trips to Paris. If you weren’t someone has a lot of explaining to do; I imagine. I always think the best thing about Valentines day is the food (actually the best thing about any day is the food, right?): chocolates; fizzy wine; more chocolates ❤ and a ritzy dine in meal eaten in silence so as not to wake the two sleeping beasts that also live in your house (aka, the baby and the toddler who both seemingly HATE sleep, are on a mission to destroy your resolve and keep you in a permanent state of “subtitles on the t.v” induced fear). We made a lovely jubbly valentines box for you and your lobster to enjoy: white chocolate shortbread scrabble letters; chilli chocolate truffles; gooey peanut butter and Nutella brownies and two “make your own” organic, white hot chocolates with vegan marshmallows – oooohhh it was a dream!

Valentines box (1).jpg

We also had our fabulous classic box, for February, which also had a stellar line up:

  • Hand-iced vanilla bean heart biscuits
  • Passion fruit cake
  • Salted caramel brownie
  • Teapigs popcorn tea


We have also suped up our brownie box, so now it contains MORE BROWNIE THAN EVER BEFORE, three flavours and six pieces! Yum! This month we had a great line up of:

  • Sprinkle ganache brownie
  • Passion fruit cream cheese brownie
  • Salted caramel brownie
  • Teapigs popcorn tea



Hells bells I am HUNGRY after that cheeky line up, where’s the husband with my carb laden dinner (perks of breastfeeding) so I can plough through that and get to the good stuff! Coookie!!

Please do tag us in any photos of you enjoying your box (@thecaketastingclub #caketastingclub), we LOVE to see them. If you have a mo then we’d also love it if you could leave us a review on our Facebook page.

And as always- Keep it cake!


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