The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray!

How is it April already?! The sun is out, my raspberry canes are looking like they might have survived another year, and I’ve been to the garden centre to purchase seeds for another attempt at gardening; spring is officially here! What a year it’s been so far, we have loved baking all of the boxes this year, it is such a joy and an honour to be able to share our home baked goods with you all ❤ March box was an amazing line up; and we loved seeing all your photos thanks for sharing! Here’s how it went:

–              Chocolate cheesecake brownie

–              Coffee and walnut cake

–              Cinnamon pinwheel cookies

–              Chai tea ❤

March box.JPG

Phwoar! Get a load of that! As always we make everything from scratch, from rolling the cinnamon cookies to whipping up the cream cheese filling ❤ what a job to have, we love it and are super-duper grateful for all our supporters, you’re the bees knees!

Thank you also to everyone who ordered their lucky mum one of our ritzy mother’s day boxes ❤ they were received a treat; happy mummy’s all round hooray!


Now to look forward to April’s box, as always it’s a cheeky surprise but I will say this; flavours of almond, spices and chocolate will feature. Oooofff I’m excited!! Boxes will ship on the 24th this month, last orders in by the 19th please.

Have a lovely week ❤

Keep it cake xxxx

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