Hold on to your hats it’s about to rain VEGAN BAKES <3

Happy Easter! Hope you have all been stuffing your faces full of as many of the kids Easter eggs as you can manage (am I the only chocolate withholder? Too much sugar makes my toddler NUTS!) Today I’ve been indulging in lots of dairy free treats; ooohhh I hear you whisper, very ‘on trend’; ‘trendy’; ‘pretty cool’; ah stop! Whilst I’d love to be part of the trendy brigade I fear I’m a little too clumsy/socially awkward/tired for that and also because my reason for being dairy free is down to my little bundle of joy. She has eczema with suspected dairy intolerance which makes breastfeeding-me have to forgo the buttery delights of… well, butter! Cue initial sorrow and despair, but, what’s that on the horizon? A box full of dairy-free-super-treats I can eat? Yes! It’s true! We are super-duper excited, thrilled even, to announce we have a brand new Vegan box on the website now! (initiate screaming!)

We have been spending lots of time in cake tasting club HQ testing and tweaking (and gobbling) bakes to bring you three of the ultimate vegan treats all snuggled in one deliciously packaged box (vegans love confetti too right? <3). Together they complement each other brilliantly and (hopefully!) hit all of the tastes often hard to find in vegan bakes- crunchy biscuits, truffle brownie, and sticky buttery cake.

So here’s the lowdown kipper:

  1. Salted caramel and toasted pecan cake
  2. Peanut butter and almond cookie cups
  3. Minty dark chocolate brownie
  4. Lemon and ginger teabag

Makes the perfect gift including (as always) free gift wrapping, free card, and gift message just let us know the message at check out ❤

This is something that is really important to both me and Vikki, we are really passionate about this box and we hope you love it as much as we do! All feedback appreciated!!

Check it out below. Boxes will ship once a month in the first week of the month, we can send gift cards ahead for a certain date to explain your gift complimentary if you just let us know the date at checkout.


Also make sure to join our newsletter, we run monthly giveaways and you’ll be the first to hear about any offers ❤



Keep it real kippers



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