Sprinkles, sea salt and runner beans <3

This year I am again faithfully trying my hardest to grow some veggies. I would love to be more green fingered and do try to try my best.. but admittedly I do often forget to water/attend to them as much as perhaps I should. I have heard talking to plants often helps although I’m not sure if they’d appreciate the latest goss on real housewives/made in Chelsea… oh who am I kidding they’d love it. This year I’ve gone for runner beans (jack and the beanstalk style) ‘poached egg’ flowers, and rosemary. The rosemary has literally grown about half a centimetre in the time the runner bean has grown about two metres, come on Mr Rosemary there’s a race to be won! Yet again this year those pesky snails are gobbling each and every leaf they can get there cheeky chops on, I have tried stopping them with crushed egg shells from the huge amount we get through each month but still they persist. Please do email with any gardening tips we love to chat (as you may have noticed!) Luckily my garden does still have some fragrant fresh mint which is intact, which we will be using in this month’s box… #juneboxspoiler

Last months May box was a right cheeky treat; themed around birthday party tea we started the line up with gorgeously gooey and rich chocolate fudge cake with chocolate fudge icing adorned with dark chocolate chips. It was a beast and the feedback has been stellar, chocolate cake is THE ONE!

Sprinkle cookies were next on the agenda. For these we made delicious buttery shortbread and hand rolled them in bright and vibrant sprinkles packaging them up in beautiful little packets.

On the brownie front we came in hard with homemade fudge in our fudge and Cornish sea salt brownies, and white chocolate brownies with white chocolate chunks and a thick layer of white chocolate to top. Phwoar!!

The brownie box had the gorgeous additions of white choc chunk Blondie swirled with confetti sprinkles and the cake for one box had a mini slice of cake and the sprinkle biscuits. All accompanied by Tetley teas new luxury range- cookies and cream tea and all extra pimped up with birthday extras as WE ARE ONE!


Is anyone else dribbling?! So excited for this months box!! Wish I could tell you all about it but as always it’s a surprise because surprises are the best right? There’s still a few days to order a box for yourself or send as a gift, as always gift messages are free and we will pimp your box up for you with candles/balloons also for free because it makes us happy ❤


Keep it cake kippers!


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