Hip hip hooray it’s your birthday today <3

Hello loves!

It’s my first borns third birthday next week and I just can’t believe where the time has gone!! She is such a funny, vibrant, feisty, confident, gorgeous (I could go on, gush, gush) little sausage! Feeling a bit weepy about it all?! Is that normal?! Anyhow we are having a loosely themed Mr Men party so I attempted to make Mr Bump cake toppers. Well let me tell you royal icing/fondant icing is not my forte…at all. Once, probably at my own 3rd birthday party I had a clown cake with layer upon layer of royal icing for the lips, the cheeks, the eyebrows (you get the gist) and cheeky old me decided it would be a good idea to sit under the table with said cake and gobble the poor clowns face off layer by layer. I have not been able to look at royal icing the same way since! So basically Mr Bump cake topper just looked scary and like he had claws and I don’t have like a million hours to practise so am scrapping the royal icing malarkey in favour of trusty favourite frosting. Frosting is a million times better anyway right? You know it!

Thank you all for your lovely feedback on this month’s boxes! It makes us all tingly and happy to hear that our cakes are filling your tummies and making you all smiley, yay for joy. This month’s box was inspired by Wimbledon as we love a bit of tennis here. My mum and dad met playing tennis many moons ago so it has always had a bit of a rosey tint. When I think of Wimbledon I think of strawberries so this month’s cake was a whopping strawberry and cream number. Making as much as possible from scratch is so important to us which is why we enjoyed making mint syrup from scratch, dipping slices of strawberry’s in it, baking them for hours and chopping and rolling in sugar just to make that delicious cake topping ❤ We used strawberry puree in the cake and would you believe for our ice cream biscuits that vibrant coloured raspberry drizzle was made only with icing sugar and whizzed fresh raspberries?! Such a great colour and a delicious smell in the baking kitchens! Me and Vikki may even have had shots of the leftover whizzed raspberry, easy now gals.

The brownie line up this month was a right treat, get ready for this we had:

Mojito brownie – Dark gooey brownie made with Montezumas lime and salt chocolate and fresh lime juice, packed with chocolate chips, mint, and sprinkled with salt.

Neopoliton blondie- Chocolate, raspberry and vanilla bean blondies all mixed together with white and dark choc chips to create the ultimate blondie!

Eton mess brownie- Gooey brownie, freeze dried raspberries, fresh raspberries, vanilla bean cream cheese swirl, white choc chips and a homemade piped meringue in the centre!

Check out the biscuit lowdown! We really went to town on these beauties, who doesn’t love a good 99’er? My mum used to say when the ice cream van played a tune it meant all the ice cream had been sold, nice try..

Ice cream biscuits- Vanilla bean biscuit dipped in melted white chocolate, Cadburys flake added, drizzled with homemade raspberry sauce, sprinkles and popping candy. Trip back to the 90’s!

Sounds like the stuff of dreams, keep the feedback coming #keepitcake ❤

Going to sign off now and go to bed/watch real housewives/gobble large quantites of brazil nuts and chocolate.


Have a lovely week ❤ Peace out! xx



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