Oh I do love to be beside the seaside..

I don’t know about you but I just LOVE the seaside. Sea air, sand, splashing in the sea, the chips, the ice-cream I just bloody love it all! The last two weekends in a row we have taken a drive to our closest beach spent a couple of wind swept hours there and enjoyed a double nap (baby + toddler) on the way home way hay! Although we do pay for this at bedtime… but lets live in the moment hey?! I like to call this ‘funday Sunday’ (usually said in a jaunty/excessively loud and jolly tone) It feels like we have been on our hols, today the toddler was dragging me out to sea and I got my trousers wet and everything, amazing.. so full on seaside vibes for July over here ❤

In other news the bean plants are dead and have been completely eaten by those slug idiots, despite the hundreds of egg shells I placed round them (thanks Google..)  next year I am investing in a greenhouse for sure.

Hope you all enjoyed our mega July box? We sure loved creating it for you 🙂 Tasty and delicious the line up was as follows:

Orange and poppy seed cake

Zesty and fresh orange and poppy seed sponge, vanilla frosting with homemade orange curd swirled through, freshly squeezed orange juice sugar icing and poppy seeds to top! Zingy!

Smores campfire cookies

Graham cracker cookie stuffed with veggie marshmallows and dark chocolate chips. Gooey, chocolaty, buttery delight! Let’s go camping!


Espresso brownie

Dark gooey brownie with choc chips and coffee! A summer holiday pick me up ❤

Blueberry white choc chip

Fresh and floral blueberry combined with vanilla white chocolate chips. Summer time is here!

Thank you all so much for your orders this month we really are blown away by all the support and so grateful for each and every order our little business receives ❤ Love you all!

As always any questions/queries do drop us a line at hello@thecaketastingclub.com we love to chat!

We are currently offering a weekly salted caramel box to keep you going in between the monthly deliveries so do check that out here:



Peace out cake lovers ❤




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