Bat out of..oven, i’ll be iced when the morning comes..

Anyone benefit from the clocks going back? Nope, us neither, up at 6:00 instead of 7:00 hooray… *sleepily reaches to turn Lasquisha the coffee machine on* Despite that I am still loving autumn: crunchy leaves; hot chocolates; more excuses to eat coffee and cake – yum yum. We went to choose our pumpkin for Halloween last weekend and I tried to get the #perfectfamily insta photo but unfortunately my 1 year old and 3 year old didn’t get the, ‘stay still while mummy gets a super cute photo of you looking adorable with these pumpkins’ memo. This is after arriving and discovering said 1 year old in the back car seat with her face covered in Chocolate..or is that mud off the bottom of the shoe you have managed to get off your feet, lovely! At least it wan’t poo..

It is Halloween tomorrow and our October box was a spooky delight with an array of frightful treats for you to enjoy! This was the fearsome line up this month:

  • Pumpkin and chai spice cake- Spicy sponge with sweet pumpkin, matched with buttery frosting and chai tea accents
  • Blood and guts brownie- Zingy raspberry coulis and fruity cherry swirled through gooey dark chocolate brownie
  • Spooky eyeball brownie- Pure gooey chocolate brownie, topped with a hand crafted sugar eyeball
  • Hand-iced bat biscuit – Ginger bat shaped biscuit, lovingly iced by hand


Thanks for all your lovely snaps of the box, props to you for managing to grab a photo before gobbling the lot, not sure I would have your restraint so well done!

Quickly just need to mention the C word, yes Christmas (or cake.. cakey Christmas?!) we all know cake is the perfect gift and a subscription to The Cake Tasting Club is the gift that keeps on giving! Gift vouchers are live on the website now; you can choose the length of subscription and we can send a card with a gift message to your loved one just before Christmas letting them know of the exciting gift to follow. Just add your gift message at checkout! 🙂


Thanks for reading kippers!

Keep it cake and peace out ❤ xxx

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