The most wonderful time of the year/day drinking becomes acceptable hooray..


First things first.. are you one of those organised people who have all their Christmas presents bought and wrapped in July or are you starting to panic at the lack of presents/lack of time/increasingly sweaty, busy shopping center situations?! I am actually more organised than usual, I’m normally a bit of a last minute Larry but I think my fear of having to face the busy shops with two small unpredictable children have given me some extra..motivation. I think the rest for sure will be purchased online because I cant take any more stress.. and for anyone taking part in the elf on the shelf chaos please tell me how you have the TIME! My eldest didn’t go to sleep until 9:30 last night…9:30!! So im sorry but elf on the shelf would pretty much send me over the edge.. Today we are taking part in small business Saturday giving  a 15% discount with the code SMALL and as part of that I would love to just highlight a couple of family run businesses we just LOVE.

First up is Stanley and Maud, if you don’t already know about the incred jewellery Dotty makes then get involved here My husband bought me this absolutely beaut bracelet with our children’s names on and I returned the favour by getting him a personalised cord braclet. We both wear them every day ❤ Thanks Dotty!!!

Don’t buy her flowers founder Steph has just had her third baby Frank, huge congrats Steph sending you all the love! Checking your feed daily as Frank is too cute! Their website has basically every gift package you can dream of, chock full of personal touches and delicious drinks (yes gin!) and treats it has the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Also you can add one of our cake boxes on to any of the packages, hurrah!

If you are looking to get a self-portrait or any funky artwork created check out Polina, she is so super super talented! Check out her insta here:

And finally if you love candles (who bloody doesn’t?!) check out The Nottingham Candle co. Anna creates the most beautiful scents and fragranced candles in recycled jars by hand.



We have been loving seeing all our our November boxes out in the big wide world, thanks so much for sharing photos with us! This months line up was an absolute treat, we had:

  • Sticky toffee cake- dates and hazelnuts toffee sponge filled and topped with vanilla bean frosted swirled with toffee sauce
  • Apple crumble brownie – tangy homemade apple sauce surrounded by buttery cinnamon crumble on a bed of gooey brownie.
  • Chocolate orange brownie- Dark gooey brownie topped with Terrys chocolate orange slices.
  • Outrageous chilli chocolate cookies- Chocolate cookies made with Motezumas chilli dark chilli chocolate stuffed with chocolate chips.


Phew! What a cheeky line up to warm you up this chilly November. Keep your comments coming we love all the feedback. Next month we have a delicious Christmassy line up with flavours such as almond, lemon and brazil nuts so do make sure to place an order over on our website now. For Christmas gifts you can purchase a subscription HERE and we will send a gorgeous complimentary card just before Christmas to explain the gift to follow in Jan. Christmas sorted!


Have a lovely few weeks kippers and enjoy the festive spirit!


Love to all xxxxxx

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