So tonight I’m gonna party like it’s nineteen ninety nine!!

So, it’s my birthday coming up in approximately 12 days, 2 hours and 54 minutes…can you tell I’m excited?!  Yes I’m getting massively older but I still love a good birthday. This is the prequel to the big 3.0. so I am planning to party like it’s 1999…haven’t been out in about 3 years so not even sure if that’s still the lingo.. anyway going to paint the town red and all that (am I ninety?!) which means a night off from getting the baby to sleep hoorah! The best bit for me about my birthday is the cake hands down, my husband (who isn’t at all keen on baking) always bakes me my birthday cake and now the toddler loves helping him so it’s really sweet (if a little mangled, and I sooo wouldn’t have frosted it that way but w/e…. #controlfreak) I just love it ❤ Second best bit is defo the birthday wish, it’s like one a year so you really gotta go for it and wish for something real special. Don’t waste it!

Birthdays are just bloody special right? I get a real happy vibe from dressing up birthday orders that come in with special confetti, a birthday balloon, and most importantly a golden candle that you can put in our fresh homemade cake, light, and make your ONE WISH OF THE YEAR ❤ It’s gonna be a great day! Happy Birthday! Also if anyone is my birthday twin and is also born 12 days, 2 hours and 52 minutes from now please do get in touch, love a birthday twin!


So yeah Birthdays are the best day ever. If you need a special present everyone loves cake and we love jazzing up your box and writing your cutesy messages so drop us a line, we gotcha back babe! Our classic box contains a huge slab of cake, two pieces of brownies and a bag of cookies/biscuits, it’s a real treat and perfect for any celebration. Or just a Friday night treat for yours truly, go on you know you deserve it; the kids have been driving you loopy drawing on the walls with your best eyeliner, the cats done a poo behind the t.v., bloody Barbara at work is up to her usual tricks and your socks have holes in, WE GET IT. Take a look at happiness here.


Peace out kipper xxxx

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