Bat out of..oven, i’ll be iced when the morning comes..

Anyone benefit from the clocks going back? Nope, us neither, up at 6:00 instead of 7:00 hooray… *sleepily reaches to turn Lasquisha the coffee machine on* Despite that I am still loving autumn: crunchy leaves; hot chocolates; more excuses to eat coffee and cake – yum yum. We went to choose our pumpkin for Halloween last weekend and I tried to get the #perfectfamily insta photo but unfortunately my 1 year old and 3 year old didn’t get the, ‘stay still while mummy gets a super cute photo of you looking adorable with these pumpkins’ memo. This is after arriving and discovering said 1 year old in the back car seat with her face covered in Chocolate..or is that mud off the bottom of the shoe you have managed to get off your feet, lovely! At least it wan’t poo..

It is Halloween tomorrow and our October box was a spooky delight with an array of frightful treats for you to enjoy! This was the fearsome line up this month:

  • Pumpkin and chai spice cake- Spicy sponge with sweet pumpkin, matched with buttery frosting and chai tea accents
  • Blood and guts brownie- Zingy raspberry coulis and fruity cherry swirled through gooey dark chocolate brownie
  • Spooky eyeball brownie- Pure gooey chocolate brownie, topped with a hand crafted sugar eyeball
  • Hand-iced bat biscuit – Ginger bat shaped biscuit, lovingly iced by hand


Thanks for all your lovely snaps of the box, props to you for managing to grab a photo before gobbling the lot, not sure I would have your restraint so well done!

Quickly just need to mention the C word, yes Christmas (or cake.. cakey Christmas?!) we all know cake is the perfect gift and a subscription to The Cake Tasting Club is the gift that keeps on giving! Gift vouchers are live on the website now; you can choose the length of subscription and we can send a card with a gift message to your loved one just before Christmas letting them know of the exciting gift to follow. Just add your gift message at checkout! 🙂


Thanks for reading kippers!

Keep it cake and peace out ❤ xxx

Pass me ALL the knitwear/blankets/cake please..

Hello Kippers!

Hope you have all had a lovely few weeks? Time has been flying here at the cake tasting club HQ, I feel like I’ve blinked and now it’s autumn! The leaves are falling, conkers are a plenty (toddlers pockets are always FULL of them) and there is a chill in the air. I love autumn and am feeling ready for nice spicy warming puds, a good hot chocolate, chunky jumper, my trusty striped hot water bottle Jeffery and yellow cuddly blankets (this reads like I’m 90 which I can assure you I’m not, although maybe in spirit..) We have such a lot of exciting things planned for your October box but first let’s have a lovely summary of the last two months boxes- what a delicious treat they were:

August box

  • Peanut butter cake with milk chocolate frosting – salty nutty peanut flavoured sponge sandwiched with caramel sauce peanut butter milk chocolate frosting and topped with milk chocolate frosting and milk chocolate chips- a beast of a cake!
  • Oreo and white chocolate brownie – Crushed cookies and cream Oreos and silky white chocolate chips swirled into gooey chocolate brownie- divine!
  • Homemade custard cream biscuits – Buttery hand stamped custard biscuits filled with vanilla raspberry cream- retro delight!
  • Blackberry crumble brownie – Sour blackberries and homemade buttery oaty crumble mixed into gooey chocolate brownie – comfort central!


DSC_1162 DSC_1172 DSC_1164

September box

  • Local honey cake – delicious floral honey cake made with local honey topped with frosting, drizzled with honey and topped with chopped hazelnuts.
  • Award winning salted caramel brownie – Homemade caramel sauce, dark chocolate chips and Cornish seasalt combined into dark and gooey chocolate brownie – a winning combination!
  • Rosemary and chocolate chunk salted cookies – Crisp buttery cookie, home-grown rosemary from our gardens, Cornish sea salt and chunky chocolate – so moreish!
  • Rhubarb and custard brownie – Sour British rhubarb and sweet vanilla bean homemade custard swirled into gooey brownie – twist on a classic pud!



In other news this month we have decided to make our award winning salted caramel brownie available once monthly, shipping on the 1st Thursday of the month to keep you topped up in between bakes! Hooray!!


Nearly time now to enter spooky Ville with our upcoming October box. Super excited to show you what we have been working on…keep an eye on our instagram over the next couple of weeks for sneak peaks. Still time to grab a box, just zoom over to our website:

Thanks for reading cheeky chops, have a lovely cake filled week!

Dom xx


Winner, winner salted caramel brownie for dinner…

Well we have had quite a week, let me tell you all about it! Many months ago we began the process of entering our bad boy salted caramel brownie into the very prestigious Great Taste, the world’s most coveted food awards, which celebrates the very best in food and drink. It feels like we have been waiting FOREVER to find out the results and have been on the edge of our seats hoping that the judges like our salted caramel brownie as much as we (and our lovely customers <3) do and I am so chuffed to announce that we won an award and can now put those pretty little gold stickers on our brownie!!!! Eeeeeepppp!!! Heres some of the judges comments:

‘Fine crispiness to the top and a buttery flavour we liked’

‘A great gooeyness which was well achieved in a thin brownie’


You can order our award winning *blush* delicious salted caramel brownie via the link below:

We bake them fresh using our secret brownie recipe, (hint- it contains LOADS of chocolate) swirl through our handmade cream laden caramel sauce and top it off with Cornish sea salt. It is then sliced into four perfect bite sized pieces, packaged in environmentally friendly vegware packaging, wrapped in tissue paper, adorned with homemade confetti and posted to you in letterbox friendly packaging with the option to add a free gift card – with a personalised message – if it’s for a gift. Phew!

Hungry now?!

Have a lovely week!

Keep it cake xxxx

Oh I do love to be beside the seaside..

I don’t know about you but I just LOVE the seaside. Sea air, sand, splashing in the sea, the chips, the ice-cream I just bloody love it all! The last two weekends in a row we have taken a drive to our closest beach spent a couple of wind swept hours there and enjoyed a double nap (baby + toddler) on the way home way hay! Although we do pay for this at bedtime… but lets live in the moment hey?! I like to call this ‘funday Sunday’ (usually said in a jaunty/excessively loud and jolly tone) It feels like we have been on our hols, today the toddler was dragging me out to sea and I got my trousers wet and everything, amazing.. so full on seaside vibes for July over here ❤

In other news the bean plants are dead and have been completely eaten by those slug idiots, despite the hundreds of egg shells I placed round them (thanks Google..)  next year I am investing in a greenhouse for sure.

Hope you all enjoyed our mega July box? We sure loved creating it for you 🙂 Tasty and delicious the line up was as follows:

Orange and poppy seed cake

Zesty and fresh orange and poppy seed sponge, vanilla frosting with homemade orange curd swirled through, freshly squeezed orange juice sugar icing and poppy seeds to top! Zingy!

Smores campfire cookies

Graham cracker cookie stuffed with veggie marshmallows and dark chocolate chips. Gooey, chocolaty, buttery delight! Let’s go camping!


Espresso brownie

Dark gooey brownie with choc chips and coffee! A summer holiday pick me up ❤

Blueberry white choc chip

Fresh and floral blueberry combined with vanilla white chocolate chips. Summer time is here!

Thank you all so much for your orders this month we really are blown away by all the support and so grateful for each and every order our little business receives ❤ Love you all!

As always any questions/queries do drop us a line at we love to chat!

We are currently offering a weekly salted caramel box to keep you going in between the monthly deliveries so do check that out here:


Peace out cake lovers ❤




Hip hip hooray it’s your birthday today <3

Hello loves!

It’s my first borns third birthday next week and I just can’t believe where the time has gone!! She is such a funny, vibrant, feisty, confident, gorgeous (I could go on, gush, gush) little sausage! Feeling a bit weepy about it all?! Is that normal?! Anyhow we are having a loosely themed Mr Men party so I attempted to make Mr Bump cake toppers. Well let me tell you royal icing/fondant icing is not my forte…at all. Once, probably at my own 3rd birthday party I had a clown cake with layer upon layer of royal icing for the lips, the cheeks, the eyebrows (you get the gist) and cheeky old me decided it would be a good idea to sit under the table with said cake and gobble the poor clowns face off layer by layer. I have not been able to look at royal icing the same way since! So basically Mr Bump cake topper just looked scary and like he had claws and I don’t have like a million hours to practise so am scrapping the royal icing malarkey in favour of trusty favourite frosting. Frosting is a million times better anyway right? You know it!

Thank you all for your lovely feedback on this month’s boxes! It makes us all tingly and happy to hear that our cakes are filling your tummies and making you all smiley, yay for joy. This month’s box was inspired by Wimbledon as we love a bit of tennis here. My mum and dad met playing tennis many moons ago so it has always had a bit of a rosey tint. When I think of Wimbledon I think of strawberries so this month’s cake was a whopping strawberry and cream number. Making as much as possible from scratch is so important to us which is why we enjoyed making mint syrup from scratch, dipping slices of strawberry’s in it, baking them for hours and chopping and rolling in sugar just to make that delicious cake topping ❤ We used strawberry puree in the cake and would you believe for our ice cream biscuits that vibrant coloured raspberry drizzle was made only with icing sugar and whizzed fresh raspberries?! Such a great colour and a delicious smell in the baking kitchens! Me and Vikki may even have had shots of the leftover whizzed raspberry, easy now gals.

The brownie line up this month was a right treat, get ready for this we had:

Mojito brownie – Dark gooey brownie made with Montezumas lime and salt chocolate and fresh lime juice, packed with chocolate chips, mint, and sprinkled with salt.

Neopoliton blondie- Chocolate, raspberry and vanilla bean blondies all mixed together with white and dark choc chips to create the ultimate blondie!

Eton mess brownie- Gooey brownie, freeze dried raspberries, fresh raspberries, vanilla bean cream cheese swirl, white choc chips and a homemade piped meringue in the centre!

Check out the biscuit lowdown! We really went to town on these beauties, who doesn’t love a good 99’er? My mum used to say when the ice cream van played a tune it meant all the ice cream had been sold, nice try..

Ice cream biscuits- Vanilla bean biscuit dipped in melted white chocolate, Cadburys flake added, drizzled with homemade raspberry sauce, sprinkles and popping candy. Trip back to the 90’s!

Sounds like the stuff of dreams, keep the feedback coming #keepitcake ❤

Going to sign off now and go to bed/watch real housewives/gobble large quantites of brazil nuts and chocolate.

Have a lovely week ❤ Peace out! xx



It’s posting day! 😀

Hello Kippers!

The sun has defo got his hat on today and we are in full summer mode here at The Cake Tasting Club HQ after a delightfully fruity themed baking weekend ❤️  phew!

The good news is your boxes are all whizzing their way to you in the post as we speak. They are packed to the brim with tasty cake, brownies and biscuit.



We are so excited to hear all your feedback, this months box is a corker!

Remember to use #keepitcakewhen you upload photos to Instagram or Facebook. The best photo WINs a £10 Cake Tasting Club voucher 😀



There are a couple of seconds boxes available over on our Etsy page if you missed out this month/want two boxes to yourself (yum yum)!

A great way of finding out if Cake Club is for you!!


team treats



In other news, we are running a comp over on Instagram andFacebook to win a box of team treats for your crew. Just tell us why your team is the best – but be quick winner will be drawn at 9pm TONIGHT!



Hope you are all enjoying the sun and getting a nice bronzy

Keep it cake!

Dom and Vikki xxxx

Sprinkles, sea salt and runner beans <3

This year I am again faithfully trying my hardest to grow some veggies. I would love to be more green fingered and do try to try my best.. but admittedly I do often forget to water/attend to them as much as perhaps I should. I have heard talking to plants often helps although I’m not sure if they’d appreciate the latest goss on real housewives/made in Chelsea… oh who am I kidding they’d love it. This year I’ve gone for runner beans (jack and the beanstalk style) ‘poached egg’ flowers, and rosemary. The rosemary has literally grown about half a centimetre in the time the runner bean has grown about two metres, come on Mr Rosemary there’s a race to be won! Yet again this year those pesky snails are gobbling each and every leaf they can get there cheeky chops on, I have tried stopping them with crushed egg shells from the huge amount we get through each month but still they persist. Please do email with any gardening tips we love to chat (as you may have noticed!) Luckily my garden does still have some fragrant fresh mint which is intact, which we will be using in this month’s box… #juneboxspoiler

Last months May box was a right cheeky treat; themed around birthday party tea we started the line up with gorgeously gooey and rich chocolate fudge cake with chocolate fudge icing adorned with dark chocolate chips. It was a beast and the feedback has been stellar, chocolate cake is THE ONE!

Sprinkle cookies were next on the agenda. For these we made delicious buttery shortbread and hand rolled them in bright and vibrant sprinkles packaging them up in beautiful little packets.

On the brownie front we came in hard with homemade fudge in our fudge and Cornish sea salt brownies, and white chocolate brownies with white chocolate chunks and a thick layer of white chocolate to top. Phwoar!!

The brownie box had the gorgeous additions of white choc chunk Blondie swirled with confetti sprinkles and the cake for one box had a mini slice of cake and the sprinkle biscuits. All accompanied by Tetley teas new luxury range- cookies and cream tea and all extra pimped up with birthday extras as WE ARE ONE!


Is anyone else dribbling?! So excited for this months box!! Wish I could tell you all about it but as always it’s a surprise because surprises are the best right? There’s still a few days to order a box for yourself or send as a gift, as always gift messages are free and we will pimp your box up for you with candles/balloons also for free because it makes us happy ❤

Keep it cake kippers!


Salted caramel brownie box is here AND we post this WEEKLY!

We are so excited to announce the arrival of our brand new Salted Caramel Brownie Box. This is a little different to our current boxes as it ships weekly and is not yet available on subscription (let us know if you want that and we will see what we can do).

Salted caramel brownie

The dark chocolate gooey brownie swirled with homemade caramel sauce and sprinkled with Cornish sea salt is one of our most popular flavours from the last year and is oh so scrummy. The box is our Cake for One size (160x120x22mm) and contains four portions of pure indulgence. We will also include a complimentary tea which will vary each week and postage is included. All for just £9.50. To get your first box for just £8 sign up to our newsletter to receive the discount code.

Father's DayThere’s just 2 weeks until Father’s Day and we have lots of options for you. The New Salted Caramel box is ideal. Leave a note for your Dad and we will ship it on the Thursday before Father’s Day with a handwritten gift card.

Alternatively, buy any of ourother boxes or gift cards and we will send a card to your Dad for the day explaining the treat he has on the way!

The salted caramel box will be dispatched every Thursday, please place your order by Tuesday to guarantee delivery the same week. If you would like to send this as a gift then just add a message at checkout and we will include a complimentary handwritten card.

Any questions, please do get in touch. We love a chat!

Keep it cake

Vikki and Dom xx

Birthday wishes and frosting kisses…

Happy birthday to us!! Can you believe The Cake Tasting Club is turning one this May?!

What a year it’s been, we are so so thankful to all our lovely subscribers and customers and feel so lucky with each and every order we receive ❤️ This little business allows us to balance working life fulfilling our passion creating cakey joy, with being parents. We are so grateful to be able to do that, so huge shout out and thanks to all our cakey crew!! You’re one in a million and we love you!

Here’s a few highlights from our first year:

  • Having a baby!!
  • Connecting with so many lovely businesses and feeling the sharing love ❤️
  • Hero Frank Skinner mentioning us on the radio, eeeppp!
  • Eating huge quantities of cake offcuts
  • Writing lots and lots of lovely gift messages that make us feel all warm and squishy inside ❤️  Some made us cry too ❤️

Last weekend we had an amazing photoshoot to celebrate our birthday with the amazing Polina Sofia Bakh shot at the beautiful OpenHaus kitchen showroom. We are so excited to show you all the photos, watch this space! (spoiler; involves lots of cake, confetti and jazzy aprons!) Here’s a cheeky peak behind the scenes:



This month’s box is going to be extra especially special; every single box will be birthday themed and include jazzy extras so you can help us celebrate! (Have a birthday wish on us!)


There is also going to be ONE GOLDEN TICKET hidden in one of our boxes, will it be in yours?! The lucky recipient will win £100 TO SPEND ON OUR WEBSITE!! Mega! What would you spend it on; cake for you, gifts for birthdays…the choice is yours.

From tonight until Wednesday at midnight we are also having a 48 hour FLASH SALE on our Cake for One subscription boxes. Enter the code BIRTHDAY at checkout to get your first box for just £5 including free delivery!


In other news – as it is National Vegetarian week we would like to remind you that we are proud to be a 100% vegetarian business. All our cakes are made from scratch by us from great ingredients, and we now have a vegan box in our range hooray!

Don’t forget to tag us in your unboxing photos, we just love seeing our cake out in the big wide world being enjoyed ❤️ @thecaketastingclub  #caketastingclub

newsletter (2)

To summarise; yay for birthday, chance to win golden ticket, exciting photoshoot, vegetarian fist pump and flash sale! Whoa it’s all occurring this month at The Cake Tasting Club!

Keep it cake kippers

Big loves xxxxxxxxxx

‘It’s like some East London trendy band the cake tasting club isn’t it, they’d all have beards’ <3

You probably know by now that we are big fans of 80’s radio, it’s the best music to bake to and keeps us relatively sane whilst baking tray after tray of delicious brownies ❤ We bake on Saturdays whilst listening to the Frank Skinner show on absolute radio and love, love, love, Frank Skinner ❤ so we thought we would post him some cheeky cake. Low and behold, there I was this morning, quickly trying to batch cook lots of bits for the week ahead – whilst daddy whipped the two babes round the play park – listening to our Frank, when he mentioned The Cake Tasting Club!!! Call me Mrs Starstruck, I was so bloody excited aaaaaaahhhhhh, dancing round the kitchen, throwing some moves. Take a listen to his podcast it is so funny, our 5 seconds of fame is around the 30 min mark ❤ Thank you Frank and co!!

Have been loving all the feedback on this months box, love seeing all your lovely photos. This was the jazzy line-up:

  • Crème egg brownie
  • Choc chip caramel brownie
  • Bakewell tart
  • Spiced Easter biscuits
  • Cherry tea

What a right treat! The Bakewell tart was especially exciting to make and as always was completely made from scratch by us ❤ The pastry, the jam, the frangipani, all handcrafted to bring you the best tasting homemade cake ❤ I’m getting peckish just thinking about it. Yum, yum, yum!

The other incredibly exciting news is that our brand new VEGAN  box is going to ship next week! Still a few days to get any last minute orders in, makes a perfect gift and we include free gift wrapping and card as standard.


Enjoy the bank holiday weekend kippers, make sure to keep it cake!