Chocolate and Ginger Tiffin

This is a fridge cake rather than a biscuit and can be played around with to suit tastes! Swap the biscuits for digestives and leave out the ginger for those not so keen on ginger.

Makes 32 squares
20 x 30cm tin, lined with baking paper

300g Ginger nuts, crushed
140g Crystallised stem ginger, chopped
300g Plain chocolate, chopped
100g Butter, diced
100g Golden syrup

1 Mix crushed biscuits with most of ginger
2 Melt chocolate, butter and syrup
3 Pour over biscuit mix
4 Tip in pan and sprinkle over reserved ginger
5 Flatten top
6 Chill for 2 -3 hours, then cut into squares

To make a plain version, substitute biscuits for digestives and leave out the ginger.